Senior-Friendly Winter Activities to Enjoy with Your Elderly Parent

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Great Winter Activities to Do With Your Elderly Loved One in Sonoma County, CA

Seniors who are encouraged to help others often enjoy better physical and mental wellbeing. It gives them something to look forward to when they get up in the morning, especially during the cold days of winter. Santa Rosa home care providers recommend the following winter activities for seniors to enjoy with their families.

Charity Work

If you have an elderly parent, then there are many wonderful winter activities that you can enjoy doing with him or her this winter. One of the best options for many seniors is to get them active in helping a non-profit. There are many ways that seniors can help an organization without ever leaving their home. Often a quick call to your favorite organization will set the ball in motion.


Seniors who love to sew will find their skills in high demand by some non-profits. Seniors can make baby blankets for local child welfare agencies or stuffed animals for emergency services to give away. They can also help to mend clothes for clothing programs.

Knitting or Crocheting

Seniors can also knit or crochet to help an organization. Local children’s hospitals often need stuffed toys and soft blankets to give their sickest patients. The local homeless shelter may gladly take hats and scarves to help the people staying there keep warm. 


Many seniors can help an organization meet their socialization needs. From baking cookies to helping prepare a meal, seniors can stay social with others who tend to be lonely this time of year. They have the time that others only wish that they had to focus on this important activity.

Business Skills

Many seniors can answer questions on social media. They can also write social media articles and answer the phone when it is directed to their phone line or help audit bookkeeping records. There are many business skills that seniors can use to help others without ever leaving their homes.

These activities are perfect for seniors and family members who are looking for fun activities to enjoy during the winter months. In addition to boosting emotional wellbeing, it promotes unity and boosts physical wellness, too. Call Home Care Assistance at (707) 843.4368 today to learn more ways seniors can have fun this winter. Our premier Santa Rosa dementia, Alzheimer’s and stroke care is specially designed to help seniors with all aspects of daily life including recreation, housekeeping and overall wellbeing.


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