Senior Care: How to Prevent Bedsores

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How Caregivers Can Prevent Senior Bedsores in Sonoma Co, CA

Bedsore prevention is an essential part Santa Rosa home care for seniors who are confined to a wheelchair or bed for any length of time. While they can lead to serious complications, bedsores often begin slowly and can be prevented by using the following strategies.

Avoid Prolonged Pressure

Frequent repositioning is one of the most effective ways to avoid bedsores. Seniors who are mobile should be encouraged to change positions at least every two hours. In some instances, a handrail, trapeze bar, or a caregiver’s assistance may be necessary. Those who are in a wheelchair should shift their weight at least every 30 minutes to reduce pressure on their buttocks and hips.

Consider a Specialty Mattress

Today, there are many different types of mattresses available that are all designed to prevent bedsores. Using foam, water and air pockets, these mattresses can be adjusted periodically to keep a senior from staying in one position too long. Beds that allow for the head to be elevated can also reduce the incidence of bedsores.

Stay Hydrated

Healthy skin is less likely to get bedsores, so seniors should be encouraged to stay hydrated. Santa Rosa caregivers should be alert for signs of dehydration such as decreased urine output and dry, parched skin. Lotion should also be applied to skin that appears to be dry or cracked to prevent further injury from occurring.

Increase Mobility

A person’s skin needs movement to maintain optimum blood circulation, and seniors who are bedridden may not be able to move efficiently on their own. Flexibility exercises, such as arm raises and leg stretches, can be done in the bed with a caregiver’s assistance. This gentle movement will increase blood flow while also relieving pressure from contact points so that be sores can be avoided.

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