Keeping Elderly Loved Ones Safe During Summer Heat Waves

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How to Keep Seniors Safe During the Summer Heat in Sonoma Co, CA

Summer is a much-anticipated time of year, but it is also a time to take some commonsense precautions. The young and the elderly are most affected by rising temperatures, so their care is of utmost importance during the summer season. Read on for some great ideas from Santa Rosa home care professionals about how to keep your senior loved ones safe and comfortable during the hottest days of summer.

1. Ensure Ventilation

If your loved one does not have air conditioning, it is vital to be sure that the living space is properly ventilated. Use a variety of fans including ceiling, window, and box fans. Take advantage of cooler evening air and remember to set ceiling fans in a counter clockwise rotation for warm weather efficiency. If the living area is simply too warm during the day, consider taking an outing to an air-conditioned public place. 

2. Limit Caffeine

Beverages containing caffeine can lead to dehydration, increasing health risks during hot weather. Make sure that your loved one has plenty of non-caffeinated beverage options available. Also keep a reusable bottle of water filled at all times so that it is handy while at home and while on the go. 

3. Make Homemade Ice Pops

Who says popsicles are just for kids? They are fun and easy to make. Simply use a popsicle mold and fill with your loved ones favorite beverage. Ice tea, lemonade, and fruit juice are all excellent choices. As another option, push a popsicle stick through a low fat yogurt cup and freeze it for a calcium boost and a cooling treat all in one!

4. Use a Water Spray Bottle Or Chilled Bandana

Keep a spray bottle filled with water as a way to offer a cooling mist when needed. Concentrate on spritzing the head and shoulders. Chilled bandanas are great as well, since they can be wrapped around the neck or even around the ankles or feet to cool off. 

5. Adjust the Menu

A summer heat wave is not the time to create excess heat by making meals in the oven. Transition to no-bake meals that utilize healthy fresh ingredients. Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the seasonal bounty while also avoiding the creation of increased indoor temperatures. 

Use practicality and check in on your loved one frequently. Keep a close watch on weather reports and the well being of your special elderly one. With some care and attention, everyone can stay safe and sound during all seasons.

For more information about promoting senior safety throughout the summer and all year long, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are known for our comprehensive and flexible part-time and live-in care for seniors in Santa Rosa that ensures seniors have the support they need to live safely and independently in the comfort of home. Call our office today at (707) 843.4368 and schedule a free consultation.


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