How GMOs Affect Health After Age 65

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How GMOs Affect Elderly Health in Sonoma Co, CA

Higher risk of toxicity and increased susceptibility to food allergies are just a few of the reasons to reconsider genetically modified foods. Made with GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, such foods are meant to be heartier and more resistant to crop diseases and pesticides. While this is a good thing, there are some unintended results that may cause health issues for adults 65 and older. Read on to learn more, presented by Santa Rosa home care professionals.

Reduced Nutritional Absorption

The Alliance for Natural Health reports that GMOs mingle with bacteria in the digestive tract and contribute to issues such as leaky gut syndrome, which reduces the absorption of essential nutrients. This could be a problem for seniors already trying to correct nutritional imbalances through diet.

Food Allergy Exposure

Genetically modified corn and soy have failed suggested allergy tests by the World Health Organization. Since GMOs are mixed with genes from multiple DNA sources, allergens could be passed along in modified foods. Seniors sometimes develop later-life allergies that may be triggered by some GM foods.

Possible Liver Risks

Animal studies showed increased liver toxicity when subjects were fed genetically modified potatoes and soy. Anything that adds toxins to the liver may boost the risk of developing liver-related conditions or chronic liver disease, which has increased among seniors within the past decade.

Lingering in the Body

Not all GMOs are absorbed by the digestive system. GM foods could pass genetic modifications onto other genes and reduce cells’ ability to fight off invaders. There’s no significant research on the long-term effects of modified genes in the human body.

An alternative for seniors concerned about possible health risks associated GMOs is organic foods grown with minimal use of fertilizers and pesticides. If room allows, seniors can also plant a small vegetable or herb garden, which provides additional health benefits through gardening.

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