Can Reading Reduce Senior Anxiety?

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How Reading Can Reduce Anxiety in the Elderly in Sonoma County, CA

Scientists have now proven that reading can reduce stress and anxiety. Researchers found that as people escape into the plot of a novel, they start taking on some of the characteristics of the hero or heroine and leave their own problems behind. This information may help caregivers from Santa Rosa, CA, home care agencies reduce the stress and anxiety experienced by their elderly clients.

Furthermore, according to a study from Emory University, reading a novel helps boost cognitive function. As readers escaped into the plotline of a novel, the researchers also found that a person’s ability to move also improved. Researchers also discovered that the positive effects of reading for even just a few minutes lasted for up to five days.

These findings are not anything new, although scientists now have ways to test what they long believed to be true. In 1916, Presbyterian minister Samuel M. Crothers coined the term bibliotherapy for what he observed among people that were avid readers. That is to say, he noticed that people who spent a lot of time reading seem worry free.

One of the oldest libraries in the world is located at Thebes, Greece, has a sign above its door that translates, “The Healing Place for the Soul.” During almost all great conflicts, soldiers have sought solace in libraries that were created for them. Modern executives are starting to catch on to what readers have known for a long time. Reading helps people feel better emotionally

Seniors who can no longer see to read can still get great benefits from books. Santa Rosa part-time caregivers need only read to them in order to reduce senior stress and anxiety. Reading is also a wonderful way for seniors and caregivers to spend time together as it helps strengthens bonds. Audio books are another wonderful solution that seniors may enjoy if they have trouble seeing.

Stress is a serious problem among seniors that can lead to emotional disorders like depression. Reach out to Home Care Assistance of Santa Rosa today to learn how you can help your loved one ease his or her stress. In addition to boosting emotional wellbeing, our specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke care in Santa Rosa, CA, enables seniors to age in place with dignity. Call (707) 843.4368 today to learn more about our services and how to prevent senior anxiety.


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