7 Home Cures for Mosquito Bites

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How to Get Relief from Mosquito Bites

As relaxing as it is to tend to the garden or sit in the sun, it seems like an impossibility to enjoy summer without at least a few mosquito bites. Those bites may be a minor annoyance but they’re certainly hard to ignore. After all, the more your senior loved one scratches, the more histamines he or she releases, which causes the bite to itch even more. If your loved one gets bit this summer, give one of these home remedies from Sonoma Home Care Assistance a try to reduce the swelling, prevent infection, and stop the itch.

1. Honey
One popular home cure is rubbing a dab of honey onto the bite. Honey is a natural antibiotic that soothes skin and helps prevent infection from dirty fingernails.

2. Baking Soda
Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, works by neutralizing the acidic compounds that cause itching. Baking soda is also an anti-inflammatory that helps reduce the redness and swelling of the bite. Make a paste of baking soda and water, apply to the bite, wait ten minutes, then rinse it off.

3. Antiperspirant
Rolling antiperspirant onto the mosquito bite can help alleviate the itching sensation right away. This is because aluminum salts in antiperspirant help the body reabsorb fluids in the mosquito bite to relieve swelling and itching.

4. Meat Tenderizer
Try making a paste with water and meat tenderizer with papain. Papain works by breaking down the proteins in mosquito saliva to lessen your body’s reaction.

5. Eggshell Membrane
While it may sound silly, applying the membrane from a chicken eggshell to the mosquito bite can help. As the membrane dries up, it will draw out some of the mosquito saliva.

6. Rubbing Alcohol
Any type of alcohol, such as rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or even mouthwash, will create a cooling sensation as it evaporates on the bite. The alcohol is also a disinfectant that helps draw out the mosquito’s saliva.

7. Toothpaste
Finally, toothpaste can help treat the itch from a mosquito bite because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Try to use toothpaste with baking soda or menthol to reduce the itching faster.

Pesky mosquitoes are just one of several summer hazards seniors face during the hottest months of the year. Seniors can also have difficulty completing everyday tasks like cooking and running errands as the mercury rises. Ensure your loved one has the support he or she needs for a safe summer with live-in or hourly care in Sonoma. An hourly caregiver can run errands, grocery shop, cook, complete basic chores, provide medication reminders, and offer companionship. To learn more, call Home Care Assistance at (707) 843.4368 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.


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