Dos and Don’ts of Alzheimer’s At-Home Care

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Tips for Alzheimer's home care in Sonoma County, CA

Acting as a Santa Rosa Alzheimer’s caregiver can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining. Remember that the senior does not hate you, but lives in a world of confusion caused by the disease. Following these essential tips may help you get through the roughest days. Remember that you are making a huge difference in your senior loved one’s life when you heed the following advice.

Find What Works for You

Everyone is unique, so remember that what works for one caregiver may not work for you. Try different techniques and make a note of those that work best for you. Remember that it may be difficult to remember what worked when you are flustered or tired, so consider writing them down for safekeeping.

Use Distractions

Combative or argumentative seniors test the most patient Alzheimer’s or dementia caregivers in Santa Rosa. Stop yourself from engaging with negative behaviors by redirecting the senior in a more positive direction. You can use many different things including a fun outing, music or a craft.

Plan a Schedule

Plan a schedule for your loved one and try to stick to it every day. Over time, the schedule may become implanted in the senior’s long-term memory. This helps the senior know what he or she should do next. While you will want to leave plenty of time for daily activities and responsibilities around the house, make sure to schedule some fun each week. 

Don’t React to Negative Behaviors

It can be very difficult to walk away from a senior who is trying to argue with you. Remember that arguing with your loved one will only escalate the situation and get in the way of providing the best care possible. Try diverting your loved one’s attention or simply walking away for a moment until the situation is resolved.

Remember It Is the Disease

Some seniors can say extremely hateful things that make family caregivers cry when they are doing their best. Remember that it is not the senior saying these horrible things, but their disease. Take frequent breaks or ask for help so that you can rest and regroup while your loved one is taken care of.

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