Alzheimer’s Care: Getting Your Loved One to Medical Appointments

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Getting Alzheimers Patients to the Doctor

Medical appointments can be a source of anxiety for Alzheimer’s patients who may fear unfamiliar faces and people. Although it can be difficult to watch your loved one respond with anger and confusion when they are told that they have a medical appointment, you know that a visit to the doctor is important for their health.

If you are concerned about an aging parent or loved one’s fear of medical appointments, the Sonoma County Alzheimer’s caregivers from Home Care Assistance offer a few tips to help ease the stress involved with medical appointments. This way, the next doctor visit can be a positive experience for you and your loved one.

  • Choose the Best Time of Day – Alzheimer’s patients often have a specific time of the day when they are at their best. If possible, schedule appointments during this time. Then, make sure your loved one is well-rested and has had something to eat and drink before the appointment so that they will be more likely to remain comfortable until they return home.
  • Know How to Diffuse Arguments – If your loved one expresses anger or refuses to go to his or her appointment, avoid engaging in an argument by tactfully addressing their concerns. For example, a loved one who claims they do not have an appointment may be willing to accept that a visit to the doctor was just scheduled that day. It can also be helpful to offer a visit to a place that your loved one enjoys after the appointment is over such as a walk through the park.
  • Bring Soothing Activities – Waiting to see the doctor can increase anxiety so come prepared with fun activities that can help to distract your loved one. Card games, photo albums and even a snack can all keep your loved one stay engaged so that they do not focus on the amount of time they are waiting.
  • Take Along a Trusted Companion – Being surrounded by loved ones can make Alzheimer’s feel more comfortable in unfamiliar situations. Ask a close family member or other caregiver to accompany you on the trip. This will not only provide an extra person to keep your loved one safe, but it will also help to emphasize the importance of attending the medical appointment.

Every senior is different, however keeping the above tips in mind can help to ensure that your loved one gets to and from their very important medical appointments safely and comfortably. For more information about memory care for seniors, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Sonoma County today. We are proud to provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Sonoma County, and have a team of trained and professional caregivers who are available 24/7 for reliable transportation, in-home assistance, medication reminders and so much more.

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