4 Stress Management Tips for Seniors

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How Seniors in Sonoma Co, CA Can Manage Stress

Aging brings about new challenges such as health, finances, and dealing with change that can cause stress to build in older adults. You can help your aging loved one make the most of the golden years by sharing these stress management tips, suggested by Sonoma County live-in caregivers.

1. Stay Active

Taking a walk is one of the best ways for a senior to relieve stress. It costs nothing and can be done outside or in a mall where the temperature is always comfortable. Walking is a cardiovascular activity that has proven to reduce stress while improving attention and memory. Endorphins released during exercise also improve mood.

2. Meditate

Completely eliminating stress from life is probably not realistic for most people, but managing stress levels can be accomplished by practicing meditation, which is simple and easy to do. Seniors can begin by sitting in a comfortable position and taking deep breaths. Long-term, meditation can lower high blood pressure, improve the immune system, and decrease tension.

3. Socialize

There is a direct correlation between an active social life among seniors and stress management. For each hour spent socializing, the happiness level increases and holds steady throughout the day. Older adults need to spend time with family or friends for a few hours each day to really see the benefits. Joining a club or stopping by the local senior center is a great way to stay connected.

4. Read

Reading is a tried and true way for senior citizens to relieve the stress in their lives. It is a technique used to escape from the stress of life without ever leaving home. Studies show that reading reduces the heart rate and releases tension in the muscles. Reading at least 30 minutes a day, or even listening to audio books, can have a significant impact on the reduction of stress.

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