When is it Time to Seek Help for an Aging Loved One?

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The decision to hire a caregiver for your aging loved one is complex, with emotional and financial implications. If you are struggling to decide if the time is right for professional caregiver support, Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of in-home care in Sonoma County, presents some of the most important and easy-to-detect warning signs.

  1. Living Conditions – If your loved one’s home is disheveled, unclean, and laundry and dishes are piling up, it can indicate the need for help. Not only does clutter in the home consume walkways, sometimes causing trips and falls, but a messy home can be an indication of more serious conditions such as depression. Consider unkempt living conditions a telltale sign that additional help might be beneficial or necessary.
  2. Isolation – Seniors often realize they are facing decline before they discuss concerns with family members. When this is the case, they may withdraw from social situations, spend less time with family members and become homebound due to feelings of shame or embarrassment. If your loved one is spending less time participating in activities or around familiar people, take the time to analyze the situation and see if outside help would be of benefit.
  3. Unsteadiness – If your aging loved one is frequently dizzy or has a difficult time standing for longer periods of time, consider caregiver services. Unsteadiness inhibits one’s ability to take a shower, get dressed and complete housekeeping tasks. Trying to complete these tasks independently can lead to dangerous falls that permanently alter your loved one’s ability to remain independent. Consider hiring a professional and reliable hourly caregiver in Sonoma County to keep your loved one safe.

Keeping the goal of securing a safe, healthy and happy living environment in mind can assist you in making decisions about when to hire outside help. Watch for these signs, and take the time to have honest conversations with your loved one about the benefits of professional care from a reliable home care agency.

If you are looking for care in Sonoma County, contact Home Care Assistance at 707-843-4368 and speak to a devoted care Manager about hourly and live-in home care in Sonoma County. With the support of a companion caregiver, your aging parent or loved one can continue to enjoy a happy, healthy life in the comfort of home.



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