4 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Seniors with Dementia

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4 Stocking Stuffers to Get for Seniors with Dementia in Sonoma County, CA

Many at-home caregivers in Sonoma County find it difficult to pick out meaningful gifts for seniors. This problem becomes even harder if the person has dementia or Alzheimer’s. Here are some ideas to get you started on your shopping list.

1. Puzzle Books

Puzzle books are a great way to keep the senior’s mind active. For many, children’s puzzle books are a welcome way to pass a long winter day. Others enjoy word search books. Consider giving your loved one a large grip pen to go with his or her new puzzle book.

2. Large Utensils

Many seniors find it much easier to handle large-handled utensils than normal silverware. Seniors can use silverware with finger loops making it easier for them to control. If the senior has trouble swallowing, then consider spoons that have a smaller bowl as it reduces the chances of seniors taking bites that are too big. Adult sippy cups also make a wonderful gift for seniors who are starting to have problems controlling their arm muscles. 

3. Adult Coloring Books

There is something very relaxing about coloring. When Sonoma County dementia caregivers give their senior loved ones coloring books and some colored pencils, it helps seniors relax and stimulate their minds. Make sure to pick one with big bold lines to make it easier to stay within the spaces.

4. Loom Knitter or Knitting Needles

If your senior loved one knows how to knit, consider giving him or her some new knitting needles for Christmas. Of course, you might want to pick out some pretty yarn and a new pattern book to go with the needles. If your loved one does not know how to knit, then consider giving him or her a loom knitter, as they are easy enough to learn that most seniors will not have a problem figuring it out.

There are many wonderful stocking stuffer gifts that you can give to seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Consider other helpful gifts that stimulate the mind when you call Home Care Assistance at (707) 843.4368. Our compassionate Sonoma County senior care professionals are highly trained to help seniors with cognitive disorders maintain mental function, delay the onset of dementia and boost emotional wellbeing. Let us customize a unique care plan for your loved one when you call.


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