How to Avoid Common Post-Hospital Complications

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The first few weeks after being discharged from the hospital can be a vulnerable time for older adults who may still be recovering from a recent illness or adjusting to new medications. Unfortunately, hospital readmissions are all too common when certain precautions are not taken to ensure their safety during this period. Older adults and their loved ones will want to take the following strategies into consideration for avoiding the most common post-hospital complications.

  • Review Discharge Instructions – During discharge from the hospital, older adults and their family members are often given a list of instructions to follow during the recovery period. However, these instructions are often complicated and may include information regarding medications, changes to a patient’s diet and new restrictions for one’s daily routine. After returning home, it is important to review the instructions again and make sure that everyone involved with the older adult’s care understands any changes to the post-hospital home care plan.
  • Attend Follow-Up Appointments – Older adults who have recently returned home from the hospital may still not be back to their normal level of abilities. While they may not be feeling well, it is important to ensure that they attend their follow-up appointments. During these appointments, a patient’s physician will check for signs of infection and make sure that they are making progress in their recovery. Those who are not ready to drive may need transportation assistance to get them to these essential appointments.
  • Consider Post-Hospital Care Assistance – Many post-hospital complications arise when older adults attempt to take on too much. Household chores, medication management and personal hygiene needs can all be better managed with post-hospital care assistance from a professional caregiver. Whether an older adult and their family need help for a few hours a week or temporary live-in care in Sonoma County, having the right type of support can prevent complications that could lead to a hospital readmission.

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