What You Can Do After a Loved One Is Diagnosed with Cancer

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What Happens After a Cancer Diagnosis in Sonoma Co, CA

Finding out that your loved one has cancer can be devastating. While you might be tempted to wallow in your sorrow and grief, however, it’s important to ensure that this individual is getting plenty of help and support. Following, Sonoma County Home Care Assistance suggests a few things you can do to help your loved one move forward.

Consider Getting a Second Opinion

Things may not be as bleak as they seem. Although it may be necessary to come to terms with the reality of this disease, there is always the possibility that a diagnostic error has been made. If this is the case, getting a second opinion from a reputable doctor could help your loved one avoid unnecessary treatments. Moreover, it will also prompt the medical team to start looking for the true cause of any symptoms that are being experienced. Getting a second opinion may not result in a revised diagnosis, but it can help everyone involved feel confident moving forward with the process. Aligning your loved one with a positive and progressive medical team will also expose him or her to a greater range of treatment options.

Create a Comprehensive and Truly Supportive Cancer Team

Help your loved one assemble an all-inclusive team for fighting this illness. This should include the patient’s general doctor, oncologist, physical therapist and counselor among other professionals. Getting everyone on board with a solid and consistent treatment plan will allow for the best level of care and the best chances of a positive outcome.

Strive to Attain Acceptance

Major medical diagnoses can trigger a sense of disbelief. However, the sooner that you’re able to accept this new reality, the easier it will be to offer unwavering support. You may need to talk about your feelings with a counselor or hold an open and honest discussion with your loved one. More often than not, talking candidly about the illness can be surprisingly cathartic for all parties.

Consider the Benefits of Clinical Trial

It may be advantageous to sign up for clinical trials, especially if the prognosis for other methods of treatment is less than optimal. New cancer medications are constantly being introduced and tested. In addition to exposing your loved one to innovative medications and procedures, clinical trials can build hope and help people who are living with cancer adopt positive and far more proactive mindsets.

Many seniors find it challenging to compete everyday tasks while undergoing cancer treatments. If your loved one could use help and support, don’t hesitate to reach out to Home Care Assistance. We provide live-in, part-time, and respite care Sonoma County families trust, ensuring seniors remain safe and comfortable in their own homes. For more information, give us a call at (707) 843.4368 today and request a free in-home consultation.


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