Peter Holewinski

Peter has deep roots in Sonoma County, going back four generations, and forward two more. Both of his great-grandfathers were Tuscan immigrants who remained independent well into old age. Living well at home has been important to Peter’s family across the generations and because of this, he knows that there are times when helping hands are needed. Home Care Assistance has a proven track record for quality of service, integrity and caregiver training – each essential to providing older adults and their families with peace of mind. With his wife and co-owner, Mary-Frances Walsh, Peter is proud to act as a community resource for aging well in Sonoma County, and to provide a service that truly meets a vital community need.

Mary-Frances Walsh

When Mary-Frances’s mother, who lived at home with no immediate family nearby, began experiencing minor falls and decreased mobility, she was urged to move into an assisted living facility. While her essential needs were met there, it also meant giving up many of her favorite daily routines and isolated her from long-time friends. Repeated brief hospitalizations toward the end of her life, ended with her back at the facility, feeling exhausted, weakened, and alone. And living far away, her family felt worried and helpless. How much better everything would have been if Home Care had been presented as an option, with a knowledgeable Care Manager in place to help the family understand what was happening and how best to help Mary-Frances’s mother, and a trained Caregiver to help her regain strength post-hospitalization.

Jennifer Olson
Client Care Manager

Jennifer is the person our clients see most, aside from their caregivers. She meets with clients regularly to assess their care, listens to their needs, concerns, and requests, and then updates their care plan accordingly. She will respond to a client call at any hour. Jennifer knew as a 12-year-old convalescent hospital candy striper, where nurses requested her calming presence for their dementia patients, that she was destined for caring professions. She has since worked as a nursing assistant, group home manager, private home caregiver, special education teacher, and social worker. Jennifer sees each care plan she creates as a work of art. As she listens to the client, family members, and other agencies involved in the client’s care, she uses all of her skills from a lifetime of service to help every individual live the life they want.

Latifa Lovelyn-Chandler RN
Client Care Manager

A native Texan, I moved to Sonoma County ten years ago to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. Several years ago I witnessed the healthcare system miserably fail someone dear to my heart. Eye-opening and heart-wrenching, the experience inspired me to become the change I-wished-to-see in health care.

I have been taking care of others for as long as I can remember. After graduating from the Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) nursing program, I recently achieved my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. Although nursing comes with challenges, it is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I love what I do!

I know that it takes a village to make our client’s care complete, which is why I value teamwork and believe two heads are better than one. I have a strong drive to succeed, a lot of heart, and an incredibly strong work ethic. I take every client’s story and experience to heart. I became a nurse because I have a strong desire to help others, and I love working with our clients. I do my best to provide the best care I can possibly give.

As Community Outreach Chair for the SRJC Student Nurse Association, I facilitated my classmates’ participation in many community events and organized clothing and food drives for the homeless and disenfranchised of Sonoma County. At graduation I was honored with the Nightingale Award, given to a graduate nurse who embodies the core values of nursing with an emphasis on the provision of holistic, patient-centered and compassionate care. I look forward to working with you and your loved one.


Karen Lloyd
Business Operations Specialist

Karen has been a competitive athlete, yoga teacher, senior software engineer, and caregiver, and brings her pursuit of lifelong learning, excellence, and wellness to work every day. While her primary focus is business planning, procedures, policies, client insurance claims and accounting, she also fills in as needed with tasks from caregiver recruiting, communication, and scheduling, to talking with clients and addressing their specific needs. Karen infuses all of her work with her personal mission, “caring that heals,” and believes that the collaborative and caring environment within our office has a direct effect on our clients’ well-being.

Toni LeCompte
Recruitment Specialist

Toni is passionate about helping people stay independent and have a fulfilling quality of life at any age. As a Certified Nursing Assistant and in-home caregiver for many years, in a variety of settings, she gained a deep understanding of what makes an ideal care situation. Now, her empathy for both caregivers and clients is evident in every aspect of her job as Employee Care Manager, which includes matching caregivers with clients, supervising caregivers in new assignments, managing training and scheduling, and recruiting and interviewing caregivers. Toni applies what she has learned about staying agile and independent to herself as well, through fitness, mindfulness, and making time for the people, pets, and activities she loves.

Merly Rodriguez
Employee Care Manager

Merly has worked in the medical field since 2003, in hospitals and in a variety of medical offices. She works hard to know the personalities and needs of our caregivers and clients, so that when she makes a caregiving match, she is confident that it will be just right. Her duties as Employee Care Manager also include supervising caregivers once a match is made, assigning trainings, managing scheduling, and bringing on new caregivers. As the daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient, Merly finds special meaning in being able to help elders live as well as they can.


Tammy Leitz
Client Care Manager

Tammy supports and optimizes relationships between our clients and caregivers by assessing client needs, developing a care plan, and following up regularly to make sure the plan and caregiver remain up to date. Her broad background in health care and mental health services inspires her work as a Client Care Manager. She has served nursing home and home care clients as a CNA; tended to patients in hospital and emergency settings; and focused on behavioral health as a psychiatric crisis care manager and as assistant manager in a memory care unit. Tammy, a Cloverdale native and mother of one, balances work life with spending time in nature hiking, camping, boating, and appreciating the beauty of Sonoma County.


Kate Shambarger
Employee Care Coordinator

Kate is a native of Scotland who left her small village for university as a teen and didn’t look back. She came to the U.S. following graduation, eventually settling into a tech career in Silicon Valley. Some years later, seeking a break and inspiration for what to do next, she moved to Sonoma County. Fate intervened when she was called back to Scotland to care for her mother. In those six months, she discovered a natural gift for caregiving. She came to us as a caregiver in 2019. Now, as Employee Care Coordinator, Kate manages caregiver schedules and coaches and mentors caregivers on a variety of issues. She talks with clients who call with questions or problems, and occasionally introduces caregivers. Kate is very compassionate and a great listener who finds joy in making a difference in our clients’ lives. In her spare time, she is an avid reader, practices Pilates, hikes, and enjoys wine tasting and walks on the beach.

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